March 17th, 2017

Chronic Stress: Top 5 Ways On How To Tackle Stress and Improve Sleep


Stress is a common emotion for everybody whether it’s that exam coming up, an upcoming wedding to organise or you’re drowning in your workload, everyone can feel quite stressed out from everyday life from time to time.  


For many of us these periods of stress will pass but chronic stress is when you have been feeling run-down and overwhelmed from prolonged periods of stress. Chronic stress can seriously have an impact on your health such as depression, weight gain, headaches, bowel problems and disruption of your sleeping pattern.


We have listed our top 5 ways to combat chronic stress:



We are all told to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, not only is exercising physically beneficial but it can also be mentally. As we partake in high intensity activity this releases endorphins in our brain, which gives you a happy high you will often experience after a workout. If you dread going to the gym as you find it boring and monotonous then try an activity or sport that challenges you and you will enjoy such as swimming, boxing or dance; these are all great to help you blow off some steam. Exercising will also have the added benefit of making you tired and this should make you fall to sleep easier especially if you feel insomniac from stress.


Eat Mood Boosting Foods

You will find a lot of unprocessed foods will contain mood boosting endorphins, which are basically foods to make you release happier hormones. Foods such as dark chocolate, spinach, banana and nuts all contain endorphin triggering vitamins which not only boost your mood but will also release energy slower keeping you active and pacing you for hours. Artificial sugars, coffee and alcohol may give you that initial sugar rush but this is temporary and you are more likely to crash within a couple of hours making you in a foul lethargic mood.


Volunteer Work

If you an empathetic person who would like to do something charitable for your community why don’t you try volunteering for a cause you care about. This will give you something worthwhile to concentrate on while removing yourself from your own reality. Just by helping another person or cause can really give you a new outlook on your own stresses and help you realise what is worth stressing about in comparison to others struggles.


Talking To A Friend or Professional

Professional counseling is great for discussing your worries and discovering the root causes of your stress in more detail before taking steps on how you can cure this. Speaking to a stranger can be very therapeutic when talking about stress, as the responses will be coming from an outsider’s unbiased perspective. If you cannot afford professional counseling try talking to a friend, you might be surprised to find a lot for your stresses they are also actually experiencing. A problem shared is a problem halved after all!


Sleeping Apps

Keep glancing at the clock at night and can’t seem to get some shut eye? When you are very stressed out your adrenaline levels are on heat so this means you find it harder to relax and switch off. By having a lack of sleep this actually increases your stress hormones, which makes a vicious cycle for you to get out of. A good idea is to invest in a sleeping app to monitor your sleeping pattern. These apps will be able to pinpoint what times you are restless and when you are actually getting sleep. By analyzing this first you can then focus on settling in to a sleep routine and finding ways to wind down such as reading, drinking chamomile tea or listening to meditation man   

17 / 03 / 2017

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