Products FAQ

1) How long do What Skin Needs products take to work?
Depending on the severity of the condition and number of applications (the more regularly you use it, the more beneficial) results can be seen within a few days, but may take longer, however, the key to using this alternative product is there is no time limit/restrictions on how long you can use it (unlike a steroid).
2) Which products are suitable for which condition?
Please refer to the front panel of each box and the notes on the back that specify which products are recommended for which conditions.
3) Are your products tested on animals?
No we do not test on animals.
4) Will WSN products react with me?
There are no ingredients that are known irritants, however, like with any products if you have a specific allergy or concern, please undertake a patch test first and if a reaction occurs, discontinue use.
5) What are the age restrictions on WSN products?
Our products are safe to use on all ages, however, would recommend from the age of 2 years and over, unless other recommended by your physician.
6) Can I use WSN products if I’m pregnant or breast-feeding?
Yes, they are safe to use during this period, however, would not recommend putting the products directly onto any areas that come in to direct contact with the baby, ie/ avoid the breast if feeding.
7) What preservatives do you use in your products?
Phenoxyethanol, benxoic acid, and dehyroacetic acid.

If your question is not listed please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.